Deyo Pens New Article For Worship Leader Magazine

Jul 28 | Posted by: Jeff Deyo

Worship Leader Magazine is a powerful resource for worship leaders around the world as well as for the church at large. Publishing an article in this well established magazine is truly an honor. And this is exactly what Jeff Deyo has had the opportunity to do...again.

"My relationship with Worship Leader Magazine has been ongoing for many years now. And still, I have never taken for granted the high honor it is to partner with them to share timely truths with the body of Christ," Deyo reflected.

Jeff's newest article is entitled "What's The Big Deal About Singing." It details the biblical precedent for singing as well as the purpose behind this age old practice. "Even though we know worship is way more than music, musical worship is still very important for the believer," explains Deyo. "Refusing to sing to God is neither an option nor a wise approach, as we each individually receive many benefits when we obey God's command to lift our voices to him in praise."

Jeff is on the Worship Leader Magazine Advisory Board and contributes somewhat regularly with various articles. To read his most recent one, you can visit to subscribe to the magazine.

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