Deyo Coproduces New Album "Always Remain" for North Central University

Jun 3 | Posted by: Jeff Deyo

Once every other year, North Central University releases a brand new live worship album. This year, it was April 24 that marked the release of the newest Worship Live CD "Always Remain" produced by Ben Gowell and Jeff Deyo. Deyo wrote several of the tunes on the all-original worship CD and sang on "Yours Is The Kingdom."

"Always Remain was a labor of love," Deyo remarked. "We truly poured our hearts into creating something the entire NCU community would be proud of as well as something that would represent the incredible encourters we have with the Lord in chapel on a daily basis. We spent countless hours crafting these songs, because we realize how important songs are in helping people lift up their hearts to the Lord. We really believe these songs will serve not only the NCU community, but people around the world as well."

With upbeat celebratory tunes like "Your Is The Kingdom" and "In Spirit and Truth", the album kicks off with a bang. With bruding anthems like "Open Our Eyes", "I Come To Jesus (Lay It All Down)", and the title track, the listener is swept into a deep place of intimacy with the Lord in no time. The style ranges from organic synth/guitar driven pop rock to ambient brooding ballands while meandering powerfully and poignantly through musical peaks and valleys that keep the worshiper coming back.

You can purchase the album on iTunes here, and on Goggle Play here. You can also watch the new Always Remain video here. Enjoy!

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