Deyo Makes Preparations To Release New Weekly Blog

Apr 1 | Posted by: Jeff Deyo

Starting Tuesday April 12, Jeff has made official plans to begin sharing his much anticipated weekly blog. He will write on all things worship as expected, but also on all things God and life and church. With a fresh approach and an angle that has some responding with that deer-in-the-headlights stare, he has a way of taking complex issues and bringing them down to earth in a way that makes real sense.

"You don't even know how long I've been wanting to do this," Deyo laughed. "Then again, maybe you do! Many think of me as a worship leader or songwriter, or family man, and I am definitely those things. But there is also this yearning in me to write that has been growing to the bursting point. I have been waiting, trusting the Lord for his timing, and now is that time. I feel like I have at least 20 books inside me. This has all been in development for several years, but now I'm finally going public with these writings in preparation for much more to come."

As hoped for, there is a place for comments under each blog, so go on...join the conversation! You can also subcribe to Jeff's blog by signing up with your email on this website. You will receive an email weekly to remind you when each blog comes out.


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