Deyo Signs New Publishing Agreement with Destiny Image Publishers for First Book

Feb 20 | Posted by: Jeff Deyo

Jeff has been working toward this moment for many years. And now the work on his first official book, Awakening Pure Worship, has begun.

"I started developing a passion for the written word some twenty years ago," Deyo remembers. "I knew at least ten years ago that God was preparing me to be an author in the back half of my life. Now it is actually happening, and I am so thankful for this opportunity!"

If you follow Jeff on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, or even here on his website, you will remember that he wrote many new blogs over the course of 2016-2017. Worship Leader Magazine published Worshiping God God's Way and When Songs Become Prayers in 2016 as well as Digging The Well and What's The Big Deal About Singing in 2017. This, and several other things, led to a brand new arrangement with Destiny Image Publishers to publish Deyo's first book, scheduled to be released in Aug/Sept 2018.

"This book is more of a conversation than it is a book. As you read, it's like we're hanging out having a conversation about worship, about life, and about God," Jeff explains. "It's really a big part of my own story of how God awakened pure worship in my life, taking a little conservative evangelical kid and filling him with a passion for tangible, deeper fellowship with his Father, something many of us desperately hope is possible, but all too often escapes us," Deyo reflects. "This book is going to rekindle that hope once again; that every single person on the planet can have a real and personal connection with God where they walk and talk with him vibrantly, daily."

Please join Jeff in prayer as he pours out everything God has put on his heart into this new book in preparation for the early fall 2018 release of Awakening Pure Worship. You may want to read or reread some of his powerful blogs on this site as a precursor to his new book. Destiny Image works/has worked with many other authors like, Bill Johnson, T. D. Jakes, Che Ahn, Heidi Baker, Patricia King, Randy Clark, Myles Munroe, Beni Johnson, Tim Sheets, Robert Henderson, Ana Werner, and many more.

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