Brand New Deyo Music Video Purposed With Rescuing The Broken

Jan 26 | Posted by: Jeff Deyo

Rescue Me, the touching Deyo original from Moving Mountains, finally has a poignant new music video to go along with it, availing it to a whole new world of insatiable YouTube consumers. Worship along here. Only Jeff’s second music video ever, it was filmed at North Central University by Braden Dressel and Narrate Studios on the abandoned 6th floor attic of the NCU dormitory, Carlson Hall.

“I had the vision for this video months ago, so we packed up every lamp from my house—about 21 or so—put them in my car, and transported them through tiny spaces into Carlson’s attic. With so many hurting and broken people in our world, my passion was to represent the amazing hope we have in Jesus by beginning the video in darkness, with only 1 light, and then slowly adding lights throughout,” Deyo explained.

Dressel, the video’s producer, actually filmed the video in reverse. After setting up all the lights, he did some passes, and then with each continued pass, took away some lights until there was only 1 left.

“My prayer is that people will share this song with every hurting person they know—people whose lives are hanging by a thread. People who are sick and dying. People who are lost and lonely," Deyo said. “This is Jesus’ heart—to rescue those crushed in spirit.”

You can watch this music video as well as other podcasts from Deyo by visiting his YouTube Channel, and you can purchase the song on iTunes here.

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