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Worship Leader Magazine Shares Deyo's Article On God's Presence

What is God's presence? Have you ever pondered this? Can it come? Can it go? Is it an "it" or what? Deyo tackels this and more in an article he wrote that is currently featured on Worship Leader Magazine's website HERE.

"Couldn’t it also be true that we may find ourselves physically present in a room with other believers, in a nice building with atmospheric sounds and sights, singing God-drenched songs, listening to poignant preaching and yet still be completely unengaged with the Maker, himself? Still not in his presence?" Jeff writes.

Deyo commented on the article: "I find we often talk about God's presence like it is an emotion or a glory cloud - something intangible like a feeling or an emotion, yet if we are to truly understand worship, we must understand that his presence is him. It is the very person of God that we seek. And so, learning to be with God in relationship is the true goal."

Read the entire article, and then engage in the conversation by using the comment box near the end.


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New FREE Sampler with Deyo's Moving Mountains Releases on NoiseTrade

NewReleaseToday.com president, Kevin McNeese, announced today the official release of the new music sampler, #ReCreation, at NoiseTrade.com, including songs from artists like Disciple, Shonlock, Brian Campbell, Ginny Owens, Remedy Drive, Bread of ...

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