Reverse Godology

Reverse Godology

May 24 , 2016 | Posted by: Jeff Deyo | 0 Comments

I remember my middle school years. One word. Awkward. I began noticing girls. I had braces and zits. My friends were fickle. And life started becoming a lot more complicated.

I also began noticing something odd about God. ...

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God Wants Your Body

God Wants Your Body

May 17 , 2016 | Posted by: Jeff Deyo | 2 Comments

Part 2

After discussing many of the biblical ideas behind worshiping God with our whole self (including our body) in Part 1 of “God Wants Your Body”, I now want to respond to some ...

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Deyo Creates New Worship Team Coaching Options For Local Worship Teams

Jeff Deyo has long been viewed as one who exemplifies artistic, authentic, and anointed worship music as well as one who loves to train and equip worship leaders at conferences, like his own Pure Worship Conference. Yet now, he is bringing this training directly to your church with special Worship Team Coaching options that will enable you to host him with or without his band to empower your worship team.

“It’s one thing to host me with my band for a powerful night of worship,” Jeff notes, “But why not bring us in for the whole shebang—a night of worship and coaching for your worship team? I figure churches can host me for a night of worship that can augment their worship experience for 1 evening, or they can host me for a night of worship AND coaching with their worship teams and augment their worship for years to come!”  

Deyo’s vision is to utilize anointed, biblical teaching, coaching, and worship leadership to empower people to know God, live for him, and reach their world for Christ.

There are several different packages Reach Your City is offering for bringing Jeff and his band to your church or conference for ministry. Here are some things to consider:

  • A night of worship with Jeff and his band OR with Jeff solo
  • A mini Pure Worship Conference for your church and/or surrounding area churches
  • Worship Team Coaching with seminars and hands-on rehearsal time with Jeff
  • Sunday morning worship leadership with Jeff and his band OR with Jeff and your band
  • Preaching or speaking from Jeff for your conference or church service(s)

Jeff has been developing messages for worship leaders and followers of Christ for years. Here are some of the popular titles to choose from: 

  • The Authentic Worshiper
  • Engaging Your Congregation
  • The Power Of Spontaneous Worship
  • Songwriting Secrets
  • God Wants Your Body (A Biblical Precedent For Bodily Worship)
  • The Seven Hebrew Words For Praise Experience
  • Effective Ways To Lead Your Worship Team
  • Worshiping God God's Way (Maintaining Balance In Worship)
  • Creativity in Worship
  • Digging The Well (Cultivating Intimacy With God On And Off The Stage)
  • Come To The Father
  • God's Presence—What Is It?
  • Worshiping God When You Don't Feel Like It
  • Running Efficient Rehearsals and Sound Checks
  • The Future Of Worship Music
  • Unlowering The Bar In Worship
  • Worship as Warfare

Interested in bringing Jeff in for a night of worship and/or worship team coaching? Please contact Reach Your City at 615.258.4646 or at

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Deyo Makes Preparations To Release New Weekly Blog

Starting Tuesday April 12, Jeff has made official plans to begin sharing his much anticipated weekly blog. He will write on all things worship as expected, but also on all things God and life and church. With a fresh approach and an angle ...

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